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How do we do it?

How do we get you from here to financial freedom?


Imagine building the property of your dreams but without a proper plan in place, no budget and no guidance - it would be nearly impossible! And then imagine if you didn’t follow the plan anyway…need we say more?....


So, when it comes to creating the financial freedom of your dreams, the principles are the same. You need an expert guide, the right resources and a sturdy plan reviewed regularly. Quite simply, this is what we provide.

1. First meet


Firstly, we should meet to make sure that we are the right fit for what you are looking for, and that we can help you. Don’t be shy, we are not scary. Typically, we will sit down over a cuppa and just chat away about you and what you need. We can offer our suggestions and we will talk you through any elements that we can help with and how we could do that. We will talk you through how much this work would cost if you needed us to work for you, but of course our first meeting is at our expense, entirely. 

2. Develop


We will create and develop your financial plan with your goals and objectives in mind at all times. Don’t rush this, it takes a couple of weeks. The last thing you want is a shoddy plan, because you will end up with a shoddy outcome, and that’s one thing we won’t do! We are independent advisers meaning we will search high and low for all of the best elements to build your plan for you, and this research is the bulk of the work and time. 

3. Agree


Once we have your financial plan constructed, we will arrange to meet up again. This is where we will make sure you understand everything and that you are happy with our recommendations. At this meeting you will understand how we get from A to B, whatever that may be for you. We are professional advisers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be sure we are regulated and offer sound, clear advice…. however, it is entirely up to you as to whether you take our advice.

4. Implement


If you are happy with our advice, great. We will then sort everything out for you, you won’t have to lift a finger. We will put your perfect plan into place.

5. Monitor


This is like building your dream home and never keeping on top of the maintenance, slowly things will start to turn sour. In the finance world, this could be a change in tax rules, an inheritance you have received, changes in the investment market and more. We only work with individuals who are also committed to keeping their plan in check, because we want our advice to last a lifetime.

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What do we do as part of monitoring?


  • We do everything for you. From liaising with companies to update your details, to dealing with the administrative burden, that’s our job. It’s a bit like having your own finance team on hand 24/7.

  • We are on hand at all times for anything you may need. You have access to your advisory team whenever you need it.

  • We conduct an annual meeting with you and make any changes and tweaks that are required to your plan or your investments.

  • We undertake cashflow modelling and stress testing (a fancy way for saying that we use tools to project and predict your financial future, to give you an early insight).

  • We will review your attitudes towards risk and the investments you hold. If these have changed, we will advise accordingly and make tweaks for you.

  • Regular updates where required on topical areas such as government changes and budgets, along with any reminders you may need for tax deadlines.

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"I cannot recommend Taylor Beavis and Universe Financial Advice more highly. I have complete faith and trust in Taylor’s expert advice which is based on my risk and comfort levels. Taylor is extremely knowledgeable on the assortment of investment products available and discusses his recommendations in a language I understand. Taylor has helped me with my investments, pension and is now advising me on my Will."

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